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Commissions OPEN
Next Slot: JUNE 2024

Thank you for your interest in commissioning art from me!

Commercial rights for streaming/using on your socials for PNGs and VTuber models are included in the price! No redistribution, making merch or other reselling allowed. It is available for an extra fee. 

Avi Yoruma is my trusted rigger. You will get a discount on your rig if you decide to commission her with my art!

You can see on how many commissions I'm currently working on right here.

VTuber Model - Art Only

Prices may vary depending on complexity and extra elements!

Base Price


☾ Full Body: 1800€+
☾ Waist Up: 1400€+

☾ Full Body + Character Design: 2200€+
☾ Waist Up + Character Design: 1800€+
Prices if no ref is available

Included in Base Model: 
☾ Canvas Size 8192px, 300 dpi
☾ One outfit + 1 Outfit Toggle (eg. Jacket on/off)
☾ 3 expression Toggles (eg. Flirty, Blood, Crying, etc. - your choice)
☾ Nude Base Model (for complete freedom on future outfits)
☾ Free basic Ref sheet/Reveal Post

☾ Extra Outfit: 450€+

☾ Extra Outfit + Design: 750€+
Designing and drawing an extra outfit if no ref is available

☾ Additional Hairstyle: 150€+

☾ Extra Arm/Hand Position: 50€+
Eg. crying, angry, etc. toggles

☾ Extra Assets/big accessories: 120€+
Like Tails, Wings, Mics, Horns, Plushies, Controller etc. 

☾ Extra Expressions: 50€+
Eg. crying, angry, etc. toggles

☾ Secrecy Fee: +50%
If you want me to keep everything secret (no working on model on stream, no wips on socials etc.)

☾ Complex Models: +20%
For highly detailed models/designs

PNG Tuber

Prices may vary depending on complexity and extra elements!

Base Price

☾ Full Body: 590€+
☾ Waist Up: 490€+

Includes mouth open, closed, blinking and minor optional movement of eyebrows or anything else.  

Add Ons

☾ Extra Assets: 100€+

Like Mics, Horns, Plushies, Controller, Weapon etc. 


☾ Extra Expressions: 60€+

Eg. crying, angry, etc.


☾ NSFW Assets: 50€+

Detailed underwear or nude base. Price depends heavily on base model

Commission FAQ
  • What is the process of commissioning art from you?
    Here's a quick overview of how commissioning me works. 1. Fill out the commission form. I will get back to you with any questions I might have, a final quote and a rough timeframe of when you can expect your sketch and final! Please keep in mind that these deadlines are a rough estimate and can get pushed back due varying reasons, eg. me getting sick, having to deal with irl stuff or just taking longer on previous commissions than expected. Before I start working on your sketch I require a 50% deposit. For bigger pieces around 1k+ I also offer payment in thirds! Please pay the deposit as soon as possible, this is the only way I can guarantee a timely delivery of your commission. The deposit is non refundable. The only exception is if I, for some reason can't start your commission and have to cancel it. You can decide to pay whole sum upfront as well if you prefer. You can decide if you would like to pay with PayPal or Wise. Wise has much better currency conversion rates than PayPal!! 2. First Sketch delivery! My first sketches are usually either in greyscale or color. After I've sent you your first sketch you're able to give me any feedback you might have. There are up to 2 iterations possible at this stage. Please don't be hesitant with feedback, tell me anything you don't like and would like to have changed. I want you to be 100% happy with your commission. I will also give you a rough time frame of when you can expect your reworked sketch! 3. I will rework your sketch and send you the new version. You may give your second feedback or approve it. 4. After getting approval, I will work on your piece until it's done. I don't send progress shots, unless requested. No major changes (in sketch or colors) will be made at this point. Although it technically is possible if we both mutually decide that changing something will significantly improve the piece! I might also make small changes but I will always be in communication with you and get your consent on the changes that I made. 5. After I’m done, I will send you a low resolution image for approval and will send you your final files once I get the remainder of the payment. This step is skipped if you chose to pay whole sum upfront. 6. All commissions get following files: - a high resolution, print ready, 300dpi JPG in RGB format (you can also request a TIFF, PDF or PNG in CMYK) - a lower quality JPG for posting on socials
  • VTuber Model Art Process?
    VTuber Model art will take about 1-2 months to complete. This doesn't factor in the waiting time for your slot! You fill out the commission form and let me know if you want to work with Avi as your rigger. If you want us both to work on your model, you'll also get a consultation from both of us as to what your wishes for the model are. Just so we're all on the same page and I can properly layer everything so Avi can rig it beautifully. If you don't want Avi to rig your model I would still like to know who your rigger will be so I can start communicating with them on how they'd like me to layer everything. I will also get back to you with an Invoice. I require a 50% deposit before I start any work. This deposit is non refundable unless I for some reason can't start or have to cancel your commission. I will give you a rough timeframe for your sketch and final! Please keep in mind that especially a big project like this can sometimes take a little longer, but I will update you on any changes to deadlines. You'll get a first sketch from me and are able to have two feedback phases. Please don't rush giving your feedback! Take your time to look at the model and write down anything you want changed. It saves me a lot of time being able to work on all of the feedback at once. But please also don't refrain from saying anything if you happen to forget something! I want you to be 100% happy with your commission. Once the sketch and the colors are approved I will start layering and finishing everything. I won't give updates during this phase unless requested because it can look pretty ugly in an unfinished state. I will let you know when you can approximately expect to see the final model art though! After I've sent you the final model art you are still able to give minor feedback for colors or other small things I might've missed. No free major changes at this point. Once your model art is done I will send it over to either Avi or your requested rigger so they can start the rigging process! From this point on you'll have to talk to your rigger and do all the invoicing and payment stuff with them.
  • How long do you need to finish a commission?
    For a fully rendered character I usually need around 2-4 weeks from first sketch to completion, a fully rendered illustration might take up to 2 months depending on complexity. This also depends how many other commissions I'm currently working on and doesn't include waiting times or other things out of my control happening (eg. getting sick). You can find a full list of what I'm currently working on and when the next available slots are right here .
  • How much do familiars, backgrounds or other extras cost?
    Backgrounds cost around +75% of the character price. ​ Other extras: intricate tattoos and weapons, wings, pets and mounts. ​ You can expect around +50% for small pets like cats, +75% for medium sized pets like big dogs and +100% for big mounts like Moose, Horses etc. Please bear in mind that this is just an estimate! I will quote you the exact price when you send me all your details. Commissions including my own OC Maeve get a 25% discount. You get a 10% discount if you have a full reference sheet for your character. Like this beautiful ref sheet from my friend Avi.
  • Can I commission commercial work from you?
    Yes, I am open to all freelance commercial work like book covers, card art for games, concept art or anything else you might want me to do for you. Please bear in mind that my listed commission prices are for private use only. You will need to pay a licensing fee to use my work for commercial purposes.
  • Do you do NSFW art?
    Yes! I'm always open to painting tasteful and erotic nudity. I'm also starting to do full NSFW art.
  • Can I license already existing art from you?
    Yes! Contact me with the image you would like to license and I'll give you a quote on the licensing fees.
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