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Commissions OPEN
Next Slot: February 2024

Thank you for your interest in commissioning art from me!

Commercial rights for streaming/using on your socials for PNGs and VTuber models are included in the price! No redistribution, making merch or other reselling allowed. It is available for an extra fee. 

Avi Yoruma is my trusted rigger. You will get a discount on your rig if you decide to commission her with my art!

You can see on how many commissions I'm currently working on right here.

VTuber Model - Art Only

Prices may vary depending on complexity and extra elements!

Base Price


☾ Full Body: 1600€+
☾ Waist Up: 1000€+

☾ Full Body + Character Design: 2000€+
☾ Waist Up + Character Design: 1500€+
Prices if no ref is available

Included in Base Model: 
☾ Canvas Size 8192px, 300 dpi
☾ One outfit + 1 Outfit Toggle (eg. Jacket on/off)
☾ 2 expression Toggles (eg. Flirty, Angry, Crying, etc. - your choice)
☾ Nude Base Model (for complete freedom on future outfits)

☾ Extra Outfit: 450€+

☾ Extra Outfit + Design: 750€+
Designing and drawing an extra outfit if no ref is available

☾ Additional Hairstyle: 200€+

☾ Extra Assets: 120€+
Like Mics, Horns, Plushies, Controller etc. 

☾ Extra Expressions: 50€+
Eg. crying, angry, etc. toggles

☾ Extra Arn/Hand Position: 50€+
Eg. crying, angry, etc. toggles

☾ Secrecy Fee: +50%
If you want me to keep everything secret (no working on model on stream, no wips on socials etc.)

☾ Complex Models: +20%
For highly detailed models/designs

PNG Tuber

Prices may vary depending on complexity and extra elements!

Base Price

☾ Full Body: 590€+
☾ Waist Up: 490€+

Includes mouth open, closed, blinking and minor optional movement of eyebrows or anything else.  

Add Ons

☾ Extra Assets: 100€+

Like Mics, Horns, Plushies, Controller, Weapon etc. 


☾ Extra Expressions: 60€+

Eg. crying, angry, etc.


☾ NSFW Assets: 50€+

Detailed underwear or nude base. Price depends heavily on base model

Commission FAQ
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