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Isabell Bartnicki


Hey! I'm Isabell, a freelance fantasy artist and streamer/VTuber based in Germany.

I have a passion for painting character driven dark fantasy themes with dramatic lighting. Especially elves and monsters. 

I've worked in games, publishing and the TTRPG industry for clients like Katee Robert and Ghostfire Gaming. I illustrated most of the art for Tales of Scadia

Besides being a huge horror enthusiast and a lover of all things Ghibli, I'm also obsessed with DnD, a plant and cat mom, gamer and a huge foodie!

I'm currently focussing on personal projects, client work and streaming. 

Twitter: @art_weeizard

Twitch: @maeveeyldra

Patreon: @isabellbartnicki

Gumroad: @isabellbartnicki

Contact me!

Thanks for submitting! I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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