Thank you for your interest in commissioning art from me!

My commissions are open for private and commercial work. This page and the prices are only meant for private commissions. Please contact me for quotes on commercial illustrations. Same goes if you can't find an option on this page that fits your idea!

I have a commission FAQ at the bottom of the page where you can find more information about the process, backgrounds, pets and how long I need to finish your piece!

I offer PayPal or Wise (formerly TransferWise) as a payment methods! If you're from Germany I also offer regular bank transfer.

You can see on how many commissions I'm currently working on right here.

Please be aware that I give my Patrons access to high-res versions and a tokens of all commissioned characters as well as my own art. They are intended just for personal use (sort of like if they found them on Pinterest, but instead they can choose to support me and get a better resolution). If you absolutely don't want this please let me know.

Commission Slots for 2022 are all taken!!


Commissions are still open but please be aware that the next slots are in February 2023.



Character sketch in full color, a bit rougher looking, sketch lines are still visible


Character Art in full color, fully detailed and polished


Full Character illustration in full color with a background


Commission me to do my own ideas and paintings!

FULL RENDER | 350-560€

Character Art in full color, fully detailed and polished - main difference to the character sketch is time spent polishing!

Full Body: 560€ | Half-Body: 455€ | Portrait 350€

Price is subject to change depending on complexity. 




One fully detailed character + a cool background! You can also request rougher paintings. They're like the rough characters and cost a bit less. 

Starts at 500€. Price is subject to change depending on complexity. 



Character Sketch in full color, rougher looking with sketch lines clearly visible

Full Body: 420€ | Half-Body: 350€ | Portrait 280€

Price is subject to change depending on complexity. 



Commission me to do my own personal ideas and paintings! 

With this option you can support me and fund my time to paint my own ideas. If you would like to support me in that way you can request to see a whole list of ideas for paintings I already have or you can also request fanart from one of the fandoms I really love. A full list of fandoms and media can be seen here.


Just choose one of the commission options above. For my own ideas the needed budget will be included in the list.