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VTuber Model Art

VTuber Model Art

Ready to rig L2D Model Art! You can purchase this with an existing design OR as a bundle with character design. 


My trusted rigger is Avi Yoruma! You'll get a discount on your rig when you commission her with my model art.


I am always available for questions regarding the file for any rigger you decide to work with!


Waist-Up Models are also available!



  • PSD File ready for Rigging (Canvas Size 8192px, 300 dpi) - cut into detailed parts
  • Nude/Underwear Base for easy new outfits! 
  • 1 Outfit with 1 toggle (eg. Jacket on/off)
  • 3 expressions of your choosing - Blush, Blood, Crying, etc. 
  • Basic Ref Sheet /Reveal Post - Front view only with detail callouts



  • Arm Toggles - 100€+
  • Hairstyle - 150€+
  • Each alt Outfit - 450€+
  • Expressions - 50€+
  • Extra Assets - 120€+


Secrecy Fee: +50%

Complex Models: +20%


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